Saturday, April 07, 2012

Invasive species enjoying the Easter sunshine

Japanese Knotweed ( Reynoutria japonica) leisurely makes its way skyward through a thriving patch of Giant Hogweed ( Heracleum mantegazzianum), basking in the sunshine just down from the A96 bridge. Their days are numbered though as Tommy Hogg will soon be on their case when the River CC's improvement project kicks into gear. Larger picture here.


neilscot said...

I remember oh 25+ years ago when i was between jobs, I was on the manpower services scheme, apart from planting bulbs and trees down by sewage bridge area we also spent days up the riverside, cawdor burn etc spraying weedkiller on hogweed... 25 years later it still seems to be a problem!!

Anonymous said...

The Auldearn burn is full of the stuff either side all the way to the river, any plans to deal with that ? If not seems pointless spraying the riverside

Graisg said...

It does make sense to start behind the the highest point on the river/burns where the invasive species are.
Giant Hogweed seeds are viable for 7 years so there will have to be a long term effort on them if they are to be eliminated to any extent.
See the videos on Gurntube with Fergus Ewing speaking to get an idea of this initiative.