Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Jubilee – A committee finally steps forward

The so far lacklustre response to calls from the Lord Lieutenant for citizens to organise events for the Jubilee in Nairn seems to have been surpassed with volunteers finally stepping forward to fill the breach.
Last night at the Suburban CC meeting Dick Youngson revealed that a committee had been formed comprising of reps from the town’s three community councils, Louise Clark from Highland Council and Yvonne Cotter from the museum who will chair the group. An event will take place on Sunday June 3rd. It will not be called the “Jubilee Lunch” but the “Community big Lunch (or picnic)”. Dick said: “It would appeal to many more people.”
He went on to explain that there wouldn’t be any parking in Viewfield. That would be reserved for families having picnics. Dick went on, “It’s outwith the zone which rather restricts wine or alcohol being consumed so we rather hope that anyone that wishes to take a can of beer or a bottle of wine can do so.”

There will be free entry to the museum, the Rotary Club will erect a marquee and there will be staging from the Council. Laurie is donating the use of the public address system as a gift. Dick said that they are hoping to get the pipe band and various other groups such as the school bands, the Gaelic choir, Glen Cunningham, Ian Douglas and Iain Gordon (former Mod gold medal winner) and the ladies of the Rotary will do a turn as well. Dick hopes the athletic club might volunteer put on a few races etc for the children. Everything will be orientated to the family.

The West and Suburban Community Councils are putting £100 in each to the kitty and Tommy Hogg is going back to River CC next week to ask if his council is minded to put in the same amount. If the weather is wet the event will move to the Community Centre.
An ice cream and a burger van will also be invited. Asking licensed traders avoids health and safety issues according to Dick

Dick also mentioned that other events will be taking place over the Jubilee such as tree planting . Given that individual trees can be vandalised Dick said sizeable copses of native trees would be better and the committee are looking for sites. One could be the Sandown Park field and the other could be a corner of the Farmers’ Showfield.”If it is going to be developed […]I can’t speak for the farmers but that’s what the farmers were perhaps suggesting,” said Dick and then he outlined that bonfires are planned for the beach and Cawdor also have plans for similar celebrations.

John Mackie added that he hoped the Viewfield event might become a yearly community celebration.


The fascist regime said...

Our beaches are in bad enough shape as it is with rubbish and dog mess without so called responsible people planning to light bonfires on them. You're welcome to have your knees up at Viewfield but leave the natural beauty of Nairn alone

Yvonne C said...

We now have a Bouncy Castle booked. The travelling football pitch will be there so we hope some 5-a-side teams will get together for a competition. The Accidentals, the Howling Gaels and, hopefully, the Gaelic Choir will all entertain us.Hardmuir will be selling strawberries and cream and Ashers will bring pies etc.

upstairs downstairs said...

We've had 5 years of a council tax freeze, why is public money being wasted on this event?

This is the week when the Nairnshire runs a front page story about more folk in Nairn having to resort to food banks to feed themselves

The proposed jubilee celebration seems to be for the well off to show the rest of the town just how well they're doing

If certain people want to show the queen that they celebrate her jubilee why not donate to poorer people so that they too can rejoice in having full stomachs for a day

Anonymous said...

I very much hope the council doesn't give so much as a penny towards this event. Go and rattle the gates of Buckingham Palace if you want a donation, or better still dig down in your own pockets