Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cawdor Road safety measures take shape

Images on the Gurnflickr pages.


one way said...

It looks as though it has rightly been narrowed to one lane under the bridge, but how is the traffic going to be controlled? If there is a 'give way to oncoming traffic' restriction as you travel northwards it's going to make the exit from Balblair Road pretty tricky as you can't see much until you've exited the road. I assume traffic heading in the direction of the hospital would have priority?


If the road had to be narrowed at the top of the brae why was the same design not used as under the bridge instead off forcing traffic over to the payment have A look at the bus the idea was supposed to make it safer for pedestrians just imagine a mother with a pram and A child on foot as a heavy vehicle comes past I think the safety this point is now worse than it ever was at this point. Any large vehicle coming up the brae will have to line up well before coming to the narrow bit as before one could keep well out to avoid being too close to the side. I think this has to be looked at again in the interest of safety

Anonymous said...

Well said Murd.