Thursday, April 12, 2012

Taxi parking problems?

River Community Council members complained to Sgt Olga Hansen about parking of taxis in inappropriate places, including the pavement, on the High Street at their meeting Tuesday night. Freddie Holmes, a former taxi driver himself, was sympathetic to the situation faced by taxi drivers and said that the reason he was allowed to park on the High Street was that he was near the Moray taxis office and that as a tourist town it was helpful to have taxis in the High Street.

Sgt Hansen said that having no specific taxi rank in Nairn made it quite difficult to monitor fully.

Tommy Hogg asked Liz if a designated taxi rank to be made in the area of the old community centre once it came down.

Liz didn't see why that couldn't be added into the plan but did say it would have to be through consultation.

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The Jacobite said...

There was a taxie rank at the top of Gorden street in years gon by cant it not be put back there???.