Monday, April 02, 2012

10 hour fund-raising football game between Nairn United and Wanderers

The Gurn understands that a large sum was raised for charity yesterday down at the Riverside with Welfare league sides Nairn United and Nairn Wanderers competing in a 10 hour soccer marathon. Half the funds will be going to the Moray Firth Radio Cash for Kids appeal and the other half to fund the clubs for the forthcoming season. Here's what Simon Lapham said on Moray Firth's web site:

"On Sunday 1st April 2012 ourselves and Nairn Wanderers will be competing in a marathon football match at the riverside pitch in Nairn between the hours of 9am and 7pm, in the hopes of raising funds to contribute towards our league fees and equipment for this coming season in the Nairn & Forres Welfare League, we will also be donating half of our funds raised to MFR's Cash for Kids. Both clubs are self sufficient and do not rely on any backing from outside sources. We will be coming into our fourth season and have never had a steady sponsor, meaning that all members of the squad have had to put their hard earned money forward to help the club continue. So this year we wanted to do something different to help raise funds. Any donation would be greatly appreciated."

Well done both clubs and good luck for this year's welfare league season. The Gurn's riverside reporter Murd Dunbar also congratulates the sides for their tidy up of the park after the footie extravaganza, he told the Gurn that they left the area a lot tidier than what it was before kick-off.

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its only a game said...

Perhaps they could sell their sensible money skills onto the likes of Rangers?