Sunday, April 29, 2012

BT Broadband upgrade for Nairn. We are the first?

One of our more techie minded readers tells us: "BT have started connecting Nairn Broadband users to their new fibre optic facility allowing download speeds of up to 50MB and upload times of up to 15MB. It's BT's aim to connect two thirds of the UK to this facility by 2014, but the Nairn exchange appears to be the first one in the Highlands to offer this new service.

BT customers can check the availability of the new service here:

Businesses in the Highlands have often been critical of the lack of fast broadband but it would seem that many Nairn based companies may benefit from this high speed service"


Brian Turner said...

Have been told by BT that Infinity will not be available until after June 30th for 50Mbps, but the exchange was upgraded at the end of last year to double basic speeds from around 8Mbps to 15-20Mbps.

Infinity said...

@Brian Turner

The BT coverage seems to be patchy in Nairn but I've had ADSL2 for several months (17MB down, 1MG up) and I have a contract for BT to install the fastest fibre (50MB) this Wednesday. It's £35 for a business service with a 100MB download per month, £5 extra for unlimited. Seems as though is some areas they are ahead of the June date that was once given

Tez Watson said...

Since May 1st when BT upgraded my tariff to 20Mb broadband the service has been appallingly bad. Having to restart router up to twenty times a day which in my business is a nightmare. Unable to collect/ send large files, use online banking, check email, etc.

Another heavy duty user nearby has identical problems yet BT insist it's my equipment.

Nairn said...

I've had BT Infinity installed for a week. In that time it worked for two days. New BT router and and now a BT engineer to call tomorrow to try and fix the problems.

Pretty poor service for a business line, and I too have heard of others with problems since BT installed the new fibre in Nairn

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be first, and as for their technical support line...

Anonymous said...

Our landline has become quieter and quieter over recent months and cuts calls off too now. We were told the BT line is fine and must be our equipment. Have replaced phones an filter. Engineer checked internal line and found no fault but replaced socket.Problem getting worse and all calls take at least twice as long as have to keep repeating and shouting.Asked an engineer working on the box in Auldearn. He said it may be because we are a long way from the exchange. Has Auldearn moved location in recent months? Does anyone else in Auldearn have similar problems? If we switch provider do calls still go through that exchange?