Saturday, April 28, 2012

Charlie Chaplin walk idea surfaces again

Articles in the Scotsman and the Courier online today: "A previous attempt by local man John Oliver to create a £250,000 trail was backed by various bodies but foundered through lack of money.
The 72-year-old from Ardersier is now hoping to breathe life back into his plans by setting up a group which would be better equipped to apply for funding."
  More in the Courier Danny is backing John according to the Courier this time round as well and there are other supportive sounds from Tourism worthies. 

Danny is quoted in a Scotsman article:  “I first spoke to Mr Oliver in 2010 and directed him to various organisations. I’m glad to see the project now take root. I wish him every success and would be happy to meet him again if I can help in any way.” There's a few comments stacking up on that article from people with a Nairn connection click here for further details.  
While John does enjoy support from many of the usual tourism suspects this observer has heard one or two negative comments in the past about the idea of a Charlie Chaplin trail but suspects the majority might support the idea if the money could be found. We've created a new poll in the sidebar to gauge current feeling in Gurnshire on this matter. 


Anonymous said...

This man only came to Nairn on holiday. Perhaps we should have a walk in remembrance of all those soldiers who trained here for d-day landings and and died on the Normandy beaches.

Anonymous said...

He may of just came hear on holidays but he stayed in the WEST END!!
The word is it would cost £31.000 the ramp murd goes on about to allow every one the pleasure of walking around the river. I have even heard it suggested it could be called the jubilee ramp. Better to spend money on something that will be of use to all who are deprived of this walk at the moment. But I am afraid murd The Firhall Bridge is in the wrong part of the town to get the support you require but keep trying it is required

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6.32pm

How can you seriously turn the "topic" into a dig against a part of Nairn.

Am I detecting some sort of "chip on the shoulder" attitude here?

Beats me!

Exile Expat said...

Well Brad Pitt came to visit Tilda, maybe we could have a Hollywood walk out towards the Culbin!! I mean the cup just runeth over with money!!