Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ashley's leaflet - Nairn Labour rose to bloom in May?

The Gurn only needs the Tory leaflet now and we'll have a full set. Ashley's is the latest and he sent a message with the copy of his leaflet (a larger version of the two page document here).

"Well here it is the Labour Rose outlining my background and what Labour will do for Nairn if elected in May. I cannot promise changes overnight but given time and commitment from the Highland Council we will halt the decline in public services and restore civic pride to Nairnshire.
So best of luck to all candidates as we enter the final stages of selection.

Ashley Broadbent
Scottish Labour Party Candidate"


Anonymous said...

My granny used to say "never trust a man with a moustache" !

Anonymous said...

probably because your granny had one? tch tch

Anonymous said...

She also warned me about men who carry bridges on their shoulders !

Anonymous said...

Have you not heard of "A bridge over troubled waters" ?