Friday, April 20, 2012

Seeking to find a 3/4 bedroomed home in Nairn for long term rent

Can any Gurnites help Sam find a 3/4 bedroom house to rent in Nairn?

Sam tells the Gurn: " Myself, my partner and two kids moved to Nairn in October, having eventually found somewhere to rent - but only for the winter.  We need to be out by the first week of June.

I am currently the Director of Promoters Arts Network (PAN); having been brought in to revamp, redevelop and make sustainable the organisation that supports promoters throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland (our website is terrible, new one comes on line shortly...) I am also a freelance trainer and developer of community development and not-for-profits. My partner is...
a furniture maker and builder of sustainable housing. (a generaly able to do and make kind of guy).  The kids are 3 and 4 - the elders a girl, the youngest a boy.  We currently live in Fishertown and love it. Spoilt in largish house with garden.

Now seeking to find a 3/4 bedroomed home for long term rent - possibly with a view to purchase (once our properties have sold) - but this is not a pre-requisite (we would just be happy to live somewhere right now). Ideally somewhere with a garden, and in the town, Fishertown, King Steps or West End - but at this stage we are really open to ideas and would consider living slightly out of town."

Anyone that can help Sam please e-mail the Gurn and we'll forward the information to her. 

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