Friday, April 20, 2012

Will you be going to the hustings?

They want our votes, perhaps you have something you might want to ask them. We must be wise in our choices for the Highland Council election on May 3rd. Who will be the best candidates to represent Nairnshire against the mighty forces of Invercentralism? Four will succeed, four will be disappointed See the candidates performing  if that helps.
So if you have any questions you can send them in advance in to the chairs of our Community Councils or to the Editor of the Nairnshire. The gig is next Wednesday night 25th April in the URC church. More details here. 


Anonymous said...


Home Win said...

The other alternative Nairn County vs
Cove Rangers.This could be a classic.
See you all there.

Graisg said...

Or the Allotment Society E.G.M.
Hope to take in a little of all three :-)

Nairnac said...

Why do I suspect it will be the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

Not much comedy on TV that night so I'm off to listen to Oor Graham !