Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Candidates' leaflets - Highland Council election May 3rd

The Gurn has up to now received leaflets from 7 of the 8 candidates participating in the election that will take place on May 3rd. As they have all been published here on the Gurn at different times it is perhaps best to put links to all of them in one post as some readers might not have seen them all yet. We still haven't had a copy of Rossie MacRae's leaflet but will be happy to post one once it comes through either the digital or snail mail letter box. Anyway here's what we have so far:

Ashley Broadbent Scottish Labour

Ritchie Cunningham Ind

Laurie Fraser Ind

Michael Green Ind

Colin Macaulay SNP

Liz MacDonald SNP

Graham Marsden Scottish LibDem

In the the Gurn sidebar you will also find links to any web presence that the candidates have. As far as we know it is only Laurie and the Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate Rossie MacRae up to now that are not using either Facebook, twitter or some other form of internet resource for this election. Please take the time to vote on May 3rd Gurnites, let's see if we can get Nairnshire at the top of the % turnout.


Djinn said...

Our Best wishes Liz MacDonald in today's elections.
YOu deserve it Liz xxx

Djinn said...

Our best wishes to Liz MacDonald in today's elections.
YOu deserve it Liz xxx