Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday miscellany

Marks have appeared on the roadway at Station Brae, could the long-awaited traffic calming measures be about to start at last? Also noticed, sand was placed on large lengths of Mill Road, Murd suspects fuel or some other oil-based fluid spilt on the road yesterday. Down at the links, a source close to River CC sends us this picture of a recently broken window at the toilets. Last but not least, impressive progress is being made by the contractors at Brocher's brae as they replace the dodgy sewer pipe. Even with a bit of ducking and diving it all seems to be going well.

Nairn County have a day off today but Saints kick off at the showfield at 2.p.m. Hopefully the rain will cease by then. In the meantime another wet morning for the candidates. Still no posters sighted in Nairn but plenty of LibDem material hanging from lamposts in Ardersier yesterday evening plus an impressive SNP sign for Glynis Sinclair at the Crossroads by the old railway line. Cawdor residents, of course, have to vote in the Ardersier and Culloden ward despite their community being a part of Nairnshire.

UPDATE: We hear from a Nairn County source that the Station Brae will be closed on  Weds night. Donald tells us:   "The road will be closed to traffic and possibly pedestrians (not sure about  that) on wednesday night as we have a match on against Cove.  Cove have been informed and are having to go via Delnies turn off."

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More lights said...

I can almost hear the digital pens being lifted to reply to this comment, but would one solution not be to widen the pavement that goes under the railway bridge, and put traffic lights at the top of Cawdor Road on both sides of the bridge and also Balblair Road (which has poor visibility if you're turning onto the Cawdor Road) making this road one way controlled by the lights. It might slow traffic but it would make it much safer for all users