Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jac's fireplace

Here's a sad picture that needs no words. 


Dissapointed said...

I'm a former fire-fighter from Nairn. It always saddened me when we were called to Jacs old house. The interior was really nice. There was an arch in the hallway and ornate features through the house. It is a shame that such a beautiful property ended this way.

Graisg said...

I once had the pleasure of having a cup of tea in that house with Jac and Zeta on a warm summer's day. There was a mural above that fireplace, it is still just barely visible in the picture.
It is very sad that all trace of Jac and his business operations that were such an institution have all but gone now.
It was a shame that the house was allowed to fall into dereliction. Yes there is now planning permission for 5 fancy bungalows but in the intervening years it could have been a home for a family.
If any Gurnites have pictures of Jac or his vans etc, please send them in.