Friday, April 06, 2012

Kite Buggy - Nairn east beach

This looks like fun.


beachbum said...

Brilliant! What a great ad for recreation in Nairn.

Just shows how important the beach is for visitors, tourism and sport. This is also an activity which makes no noise and leaves no litter - just make sure you and your dog don't run in front of the buggy!

no to this said...

Looks like a severe health and safety issue for other beach users

Anonymous said...

Och, no to this, let the wee boy have his fun with his toys. You're just jealous, next time I see him on the beach I'm going to ask him for a wee go.

sheikanvac said...

My video, thanks for putting it on. A friend told me about it. Interesting to know what the health and safety issues would be?

Anonymous said...

Superb! Brilliant conditions,feeling oh so jealous!
Nick the million groat hip man!

Jim said...

Health and Safety issues? Well, a low-profile buggy powered by the 40 mph winds common on the Nairn beaches, will come at you travelling at nearly 40 mph.

Brakes? you'll have to check for stopping distances, won't you? Not up to motor vehicle standards.

Is the driver concentrating on not hitting you? or is he actually watching his sail, which can be out at quite a sharp angle from him (or her). These are not the old-fashioned sand yachts, used in the 1930s, you might have noticed.

Supposing you are unlucky enough to be run down. Do you suppose the culprit carries third-party insurances to compensate you?

There was a nasty case somewhere on a southern beach last year, where a competitor in a race did mow down and I believe disable an unlucky person who walked across the beach. Nobody had any liability insurance.

Yes, they look very clever and great fun. But for safety, the entire beach should be closed off to the public. I mean that. How about an ambulance standing by as well?

A happy but cold Easter to Gurn readers said...

Its not as though there aren't enough hazards on the beach already for the person who just wishes to walk. I was knocked over by a large dog jumping on me, not an owner in sight, and even when there is many seems to have little or no control over their dogs. "Ha ha ha, he's just being friendly as large wet paws are placed all over my trousers/jacket is not a response I expect nor want
@beachbum no, make sure the buggy doesn't run over people/dogs rather than the other way round, but I suspect that there is sometimes little control if the wind is strong
I'm all for leisure pursuits but not at the cost of other people's enjoyment. Don't get me started about jet skis that sound like massed lawnmowers and who's owners just seem to go around in circles

beachbum said...

Fair points about safety. It's all about behaving responsibly, and with consideration for others.

How many miles of beach does Nairn have, especially at low tide? It shouldn't be impossible to find sufficient space for different users to occupy separate areas of the beach. After all, swimmers, windsurfers, sailing boats and oil-tankers manage to avoid each other in the water.

Why not central beach for families and kids, west for dog-walkers and joggers, east for sports like kites and buggies? Definitely agree a ban on anything motorised and noisy - like jetskis and quad-bikes, which do indeed intrude too far on others' enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

My Granny used to say "never trust a man who can't control his wind" !