Monday, April 23, 2012

Station Brae closed tonight

A massive squad in situ and setting themselves up for a night's work on Station Brae. It looks as though the long-awaited road safety improvements are about to be installed. There are diversion signs on the High Street pointing down Church Street/Mill Road. A few drivers seem to have been caught out however, and are heading straight up to the road closed signs.
We had heard here at the Gurn that there would be closures and that the Cove squad had been informed that they would have to head to Station Park via Delnies on Wednesday night. Does anyone know how long the closures will continue? All week perhaps?


Diversion said...

That powerful fountain of local knowledge and events has a notice in todays issue from HC stating that the nightly road closures will last until the 30th April

See... worth the 45p

Anonymous said...

Yes, had to visit hospital tonight when I came across the Road Closed notice. A long way round to the hospital via king street, gordon street, mill road etc, and hope the ambulance crews were made well aware.