Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sandown Allotments Phase 2 - work begins

Black Earth at Sandown as work starts on the expansion of the allotments (picture below). When the work is completed another 45 allotments of various sizes will have been created. With the new plots there will then be over 100 allotments in Nairn. A sizable chunk of those on the Allotment Society's waiting list will get a plot at Sandown but the demand for land to grow food is increasing all the time and the waiting list is once again growing. NAS will also be continuing their campaigns to encourage more people to take up allotment gardening in and this observer feels it will not be too long at all before pressure builds up for more land at Sandown to be released for citizens to grow their own food. Well done to Liz, Graham and Laurie and, last but not least, the retiring high heid yin, Oor Sandy who supported the application by Nairn Allotment Society for the allocation of land for Sandown 2. 

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