Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Debts and demand for food parcels in Nairnshire

The front page Nairnshire Telegraph article on the growing debt crisis affecting many families in the County is disturbing reading and full marks to the Leopold Street news team for bringing this to the public's attention. 
Iain Bain writes in his editorial: "There is something shocking to hear that food parcels are being handed out locally on a large scale. We are used to hearing about this in the context of charitable organisations mounting campaigns in the case of disaster or Third World Relief. That the fund-raising efforts might be put to use for families close to home is a real surprise." 
Iain goes on to highlight how this is an  election issue and, yes indeed, it is something that candidates should be debating. If you do nothing else this week read that front page article and the associated editorial. For those of us with full bellies this lunchtime the shocking revelations are indeed food for thought.


growtosow said...

front page story in the nairnshire does make you think, we are lucky to be in a position were we can grow our own fruit and veg plus have some hens for eggs.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is in difficulty should go along to Nairn Citizens Advice Bureau. Nairn CAB has a large team of fully trained and experienced advisers ready and willing to help all in need of their services.