Thursday, April 12, 2012

Japanese Knotweed not so destructive in Japan

This observer decided to ask Gaelic blogger Takeshi Mogi how the authorities deal with problems created by Japanese Knotweed. It seems it isn't much of a threat at all on its home turf and our environment is obviously a lot more benign when it comes to accommodating this super weed.
Takeshi says that the plant doesn't harm buildings or roads in Japan, it is prolific however but renowned for its health benefits if eaten. A quick google reveals that the BBC has some culinary details on this. If the three year eradication plan fails on the Nairn perhaps we could start a new local industry? Knotweed, North American Crayfish and chips please?

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gourmet said...

The young tips are slightly reminiscent of asparagus.

I'm sure no one would mind if we helped ourselves to as many as we liked!