Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blot on the landscape after tree surgery?

Picture Murray MacRae

The Gurn understands that some residents bordering the A96 opposite the industrial estate are less than pleased by some work that took place over the weekend on conifer trees that border the industrial estate. Concerns are reportedly the loss of amenity, and potential loss of habitat for wildlife. 

The trees look as though they were originally planted as hedging and have been left to their own devices for a number of years. With such neglected plantings the question one day arises about what to do with them. There is a school of thought that the trees were attended to by a squad of contractors working for BEAR Scotland which would make sense, as the trees are on the grass verge bordering the road, although a considerable distance back from the A96. If indeed it was BEAR that had the work carried out then they will have their corporate reasons for doing so. Any debate that arises will perhaps centre around the amenity and screening aspect as the trees would have had little value for wildlife and any birds that might use them for nesting will probably be happy to use the higher branches that remain. The Gurn also understands that representations may be on their way to at least one of our Community Councils. It is certainly one for debate, one citizen’s idea of careful tree surgery can be another’s blot on the landscape.

This may be a moment for local representatives to consider what amenity planting of native species could perhaps take place on the verge to further screen the industrial estate and add to the visual aspect of the entrance to Nairn from the east. Obviously in these cash strapped times there would have to be community involvement in such an initiative should it come forward and find favour and support with the BEAR folkies.