Monday, March 25, 2013

Comment from the local political sidelines

This observer would gently suggest that Oor Graham was part of the centralising Glenurquhart Road machine for around four years and perhaps he and his LibDem colleagues could have done a lot more to stop the incessant drip-drip of power towards the Highland Capital  during that time. His intervention is timely however, because it is a reminder that the new SNP led administration in Inverness will be judged by how much power it devolves back to Nairn. Regardless of what happens in 2014 and whether Scotland gets Independence or some sort of DevoMax package from the London parties isn't it essential that communities like Nairn have more say over their own affairs? 


Anonymous said...

Patently a u-turn by oor Graham. Will we see him perform a similar manoeuvre and join the Yes vote for independence? The resolve of the unionists appears to be melting judging by a recent poll on the matter

Brian Turner said...

To be fair there's no way Graham would have been able to singularly turn around HC policy in just a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

@ Brian Turner

True, but neither did he nor his party publicly declare any resistance or stance against centralisation in his four years in office, some would say that the Lib Dems were pro the changes

Nairn has lost so much to Inverness, I wouldn't be surprised if the service point was on the hit list as well. Want to borrow a book, go to Inverness!