Thursday, March 14, 2013

More good news for the Firhall Bridge project - Gordons sawmill to help with materials

Last night we published the good news announced at the River Community Council meeting yesterday evening by campaigner Murd Dunbar and Provost Liz MacDonald - more here. Today we heard from Murd who said he had been contacted by the sawmill who wished to come onboard the Firhall Bridge project and help with materials. 
Murd told the Gurn: " I am well pleased that Gordons Sawmill have made this offer and are willing to work with the Royal Engineers 34 squadron and Council officials on this important community project to install ramps on the Firhall Bridge."

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Anonymous said...

Hope the bridge access for normal walkers will not be up a wooden ramp, as that will become very slippy during adverse weather. Be interesting to see how they approach the build. Well done Murd though for succeeding in the end.