Thursday, March 14, 2013

River Community Council to give £100 to the NCFC supporters ground improvement fund

While Nairn County were putting on a masterly display of football flair up at Station Park last night, down in the URC hall and around 35 minutes into the first half, Nairn River Community Council voted to give £100 to the NCFC Supporters Ground Improvement Fund. Chair Tommy Hogg proposed the sum and he was supported unanimously. The 3 CCs in Nairn only have yearly funding of about £2K each so this is quite a big donation for one of them. They were impressed that the fundraising campaign is run by the fans and supported across the town. 

One of the Community Councillors, Freddie Holmes said that this campaign was not just the supporters it was the town getting involved. Fred is right, that's surely what it is now, the town showing its pride in the nearly 100 yr old institution that is the club. Folk getting involved whether they support football or not - they understand the importance of Nairn County FC to the heritage of Nairnshire, contemporary times and for the future too.

One of the fundraising committee, Donald Wilson, on hearing the news said later: “Thanks to Nairn River Community Council for their generous support. Their £100 automatically becomes £200 with Scottish Football Partnership Funding. The purpose of this appeal from the outset has to be to engage with the wider community and the support of the community council is recognition is a further endorsement of the goodwill there is for the club in the town. The Panel Beaters campaign and Ground Improvements fund is receiving donations from many individuals who don't go to the football but have the club at heart. Thanks again to Nairn River CC (and of course everyone who has contributed to the appeal). You have no idea how much this donation means to everyone involved.”

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