Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday picture selection

Dave has been out in the sunshine, he tells the Gurn:
"With the bright sunshine and blue skies, some real signs of Spring are beginning to appear on the A96 opposite Tradespark woods and down to Beech Avenue. Over the next few weeks I hope we will see a lot of colourful displays all over Nairn. These are all put in place by a dedicated band of volunteers who deserve a great deal of thanks by the citizens of Nairn. They help to make our town an even more beautiful place in which to live. Let's just hope that the council grass cutting contractors can be persuaded not to cut them all down until they have died back to give us another show next year."

It was a pretty good sunset last night on the best beach in Scotland and perhaps we'll see similar tonight, images here. 

Watch out for the potholes on the A96 between Bridgemill Direct and Grants Garage. Some drivers are doing their best to avoid the worst of them but that always doesn't help to keep concentration on other potential road hazards. Small pieces of road are now starting to occupy the pavement here and there too, not pleasant for pedestrians at all. BEAR will probably eventually put in more patches but isn't it about time this whole section was ripped up and relaid? Images here.

And thanks too to Murray for this studay of Nigel.

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growtosow said...

nice photos of the bulb displays around the town, and thanks indeed to all the folk who have helped to plant them over the years, its great to see them coming up year after year, we will be doing some more planting soon, which will bring more colour to our town.