Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sadly, the VIc is to close its doors on Sunday night

The Victoria Hotel is to close its doors on Sunday night. More bad news for the High Street as the venue, a favourite with local musicians, advertises its final fling. A chunk of local culture, popular with locals and vistors during the summer months, will vanish from the town centre. "The times they are a changing".


Nairnac said...

What a disaster.
You can't have the Bermuda triangle without the Vic.

Jane Harkiss said...

Why, what happened? I was looking forward to sampling my first Vodka Jelly!

P xx

Anonymous said...

Shame for Kareen and Pop. Will be missed for the music sessions and the good crack. so the end of the Bermuda Triangle for ever?

Graisg said...

Pookie, Vodka Jellies are the available at the Star - a fundraiser for the wee county fans ground improvement fund that has raised over £600 so far.

Anonymous said...

The Vic always seemed the busiest bar on the High St anytime I wandered past, I fear other watering holes will follow

Anonymous said...

not suprised, every time ive been up the highstreet there is only a few people seen in the window propping up the bar...

Gloom and doom said...

Sadly this will not be the only closure on the High Street in the next few weeks, there are two definite; Concept Gifts and Ross Outdoors. There are at least two other retail premises rumoured to be going the same way in the very near future. Nairn has done well up till now and escaped the worst now but it looks like we are finally going to feel the impact of the financial storm.

Nairnac said...

Closed, or in danger of closing going from the top of the High Street :

-Wee Sandwich place beside the PO
-Yorkshire BS
-The Vic
-Barron House
-Outdoor Shop
-Latino Restaurant

plus who knows which other businesses may be struggling !