Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tuesday press review

There were no Nairnshires in the Co-op at nine o’clock last night, some regulars were seen walking home anxiously without having received their “hit”. Withdrawals only lasted until this morning though as the late delivery from Dingwall obviously eventually got through.
A front page spread then about the future of the Links School, the Nairnshire has been on the trail of rumours about a deal between the Highland Council and one of the two groups that were bidding for the building recently. Once the proceedings are finalised the outcome should please most people who were concerned about the future of the school building. 

On page two there are heartfelt tributes to Peter Ord and also news of the Nairn County Football Club Supporters’ fund raising activities. On Saturday during the game against Keith the County flag flew at half-mast in memory of NCFC supporter Peter.

A further call to link up the existing coastal path from Banff to Moray with a new section via Nairn and Inverness was made last week by Brian Stewart at West CC, more on page 4 of this week’s paper. This is one project that surely could be scraped together in these cash-strapped times? The presence of walkers, long-distance and day-trippers, would have a positive impact all year round on the local economy. Elsewhere a whole infrastructure has grown up on long-distance walks offering accommodation and support to walkers. With a bit of imagination and will we could have the same thing here. 

Murd criticised West Community Council’s donation of £500 to NICE last week too. He isn’t against their plans for the town centre, he just thinks they shouldn’t have given the money. Rosemary the Chair, also a member of NICE, defended her position robustly and you can see what she said to Murd on page 5 of the Leopold Street Thunderer. Again, on the theme of Community Council donations: last week the Suburban Community Council, who also gave £500 to NICE, deferred a decision on a donation to one of the Wee County’s youth teams. The problem now is that a £500 donation is the sort of amount that the Highland Council’s Nairn discretionary fund would make but Community Councils don’t have that kind of financial firepower on a regular basis. Their budgets come in at less than £2,000 per year and a £500 donation is a massive part of that. Those not realising that however, will obviously now put in requests in the hope of some cash for their organisations. The youth soccer team may not be the last group to receive a disappointment. 

In the editorial column Iain Bain mentions the upgrading of the A9 and not without reference to the prospects for the Nairn Bypass. He again points in the direction of the SNP by asking: “What sort of fuss do we have to make in Nairn to remind Mr Ewing MSP and his colleagues that we need a bypass here, ahead of the national dualling of the A96,.

Plenty more in this week’s paper and colourful images of the 10K, the opening of the river, the football and other recent stories in Nairn. All yours for 45p in one of the many Co-ops in Nairn or other newsagents.


Anonymous said...

Is there not a clash of interests with Rosemary Young being both a director of NICE & a member of the West Community Council who awarded NICE the £500.00, whose committee consists of members who dont seem to be short of a few bob or two, & have a bloody hard neck to ask for money when other people with all the Government Social cuts are struggling to make ends meet, it seems so unjust & unfair,so please have a thought for those not so fortunate you NICE People the next time you hand out your begging bowl.

Graisg said...

Thank you for that anon. I'm sure Suburban and West CC's would have sought advice before making their respective £500 donations. Both CCs who did give money have members that are also signed up to NICE and even River, who gave nothing, have some members too involved in NICE I believe.
It is worth remembering, to be fair, that several members of NICE have made considerable interest-free loans to that organisation. Money they might not see again if things don't go well.
It could be argued that if NICE do well and get the Social Work buildings back into use with even perhaps a business or two in there, then we will all benefit from that. We'll have to wait and see however - there's a long way to go yet and like them or loathe them (NICE) it is in all our interests to see those buildings sorted.

Park Street Pete said...

With reference Craisg to your remark stating that several members of NICE have made considerable interest free loans to the organisation, this is the financial privilege that these person posses & if things dont go well they can still stand the loss, not like some others who out of no fault of there own have had their benefits cut,& with some still waiting from last November to get paid, next time your up the high st. Craisg nip in to the CAB office & ask them have they had many enquiries from persons seeking help & advice regarding the social cuts.

Graisg said...

Fair point Pete, Nairn may look prosperous to anyone travelling through but as you say there are plenty of people who are struggling too.
Do the CAB publish details or statistics by the way?

Anonymous said...

Yes CAB can provide you with details & statistics, just ask nicely & they will provide what you are looking for Graisg.

Brian Turner said...

I don't mean to sound like I'm knocking the people of the CC's, but wouldn't it make better sense to spend a little money reaching out to constituents instead?

A website, with latest news and minutes would certainly be a starter, as well as information on who sits on such CC's and what areas of Nairn they represent.

The River CC has already done this using the free Blogger service - surely the others can do a little catch up?

Anonymous said...

If you care to look Brian you will find that much of the detail you ask for is published on Highland Councils website, seems little sense in spending money repeating this information?

If you live in Nairn and have an interest in your community council then why not attend the meetings. Community councils depend on feedback from their constituents who they represent and you would be most welcome to attend and participate.

Be part of your community!

Brian Turner said...

"much of the detail you ask for is published on Highland Councils website"

Whereabouts? I haven't been able to find much information at all. Where are their minutes published apart from the Gurn, which is not funded by the HC?

"why not attend the meetings"

The question should be how can the CC's provide information more directly? I am not expected to attend Parliament, the Scottish Parliament, nor Highland Council meetings to know what my democratically elected representatives are doing. Why are the CC's different?

Graisg said...

Brian is correct,CC minutes are not published on the HC site.
River CC is the only Council that publishes minutes online. Sometimes here at the Gurn we publish material from the other two councils if we receive it from them in digital form. Scanning documents can sometimes be too time consuming.

Anonymous said...


Community Councils are just that, part of our community and many folk attend them who also haven't been to Westminster nor Holyrood

Their success or failure is dependent on the community participating in those matters that effect us in our everyday lives in Nairn

Community Councils are all made up of volunteers and what you are asking is for more people to give up their free time in order that minutes can be posted on-line.

As you're so keen on the idea Brian perhaps you'd like to volunteer to both take minutes and upload them, I'm sure the respective community councils would be delighted to glean your services