Friday, March 29, 2013

Freedom for Nairnshire - all hail the wisdom of Iain Bain?

Another paragraph copied from yet another no holes bared Nairnshire Telegraph editorial on this Good Friday fellow Gurnites. Happy Easter to all our regular readers, enjoy yourselves but please spare a moment to digest the erudite thoughts of the editor of the Leopold Street Thunderer. He wrote this week:

"It is over the top to cast Highland Council as the enemy as was done last week at Nairn West Community Council. But it is certain that Nairnites have a fight on their hands to preserve what remains of their community. How can they do that? One solution might be to join the growing but fairly formless organisation that is NICE. Another might be to combine the disparate elements who are the town's three community councils to achieve a force to be reckoned with."

This observer still believes the second suggestion to be the best. The Royal Burgh of Nairn Community Council really would be the bees knees. Not likely in a hurry however but in the meantime the Combined Community Council meetings are proving themselves a force to be reckoned with. If the Subbies, the Westies and the River folkies can continue to come up with initiatives that find universal support among their ranks then they will continue to accumulate gravitas and the same kind of moral authority that used to come signed sealed and delivered with the old Nairn District Council! Keep at it citizens - Freedom for Nairnshire! - Saorsa do Shiorrachd Narann!


everything going to be alright said...

A pity that the feeling to have one council isn't held by all community councils. If it was they could just meet together as one and effectively create the single council

Chair, popular front for the liberation of Nairnshire said...

Yes and take control of the Courthouse, appoint the next Provost, and things like that...

"Maybe it's because I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."