Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Provost Liz “Hold onto your seats,” - Success for Murd's Firhall Bridge campaign!

At the River CC meeting in the URC Church Hall tonight Murd Dunbar spoke to the meeting under AOCB. For several years now Murd has spoken at all the three CCs at most of their meetings on the subject of the Firhall Bridge. He has also spoken at joint meetings and ward forums, attended Highland Council consultations and pushed the case for ramps to improve access on the Firhall Bridge with an indefatigable will. He has been a persistent visitor to the surgeries of MSPs and the local MP. His favourite phrase during this campaign has been “A Cameron never yields.” Tonight he spoke again, he didn’t yield, not yet, but he signalled his intention to stand down.

Tonight it was different, so different, Murd finally had good news to share. Actually he didn’t make the announcement, he gave that honour to Liz who has been quietly active behind the scenes in recent months.
“Hold onto your seats,” said Liz. “I’ve had a communication from the army today that they are going to be doing the access improvements to the Firhall Bridge.” She had to stop for the applause, cheers and smiles that broke out. “So well done, Murd,” she added.

The work is to be done by the 34th Squadron when they return from manoeuvres. Liz said that the CO Andy Sturrock had been a tremendous help. The Army will liase with the Council over the project, specifically with officials Ron MacKenzie, John Ord and Stewart Easthaugh. There’s a bit to do yet before things start and Liz said: “As the project progresses Murd will be fully involved all the way along.” And she joked, “I don’t know why he’s saying he’s not having any more to do with it.”

Gurnites will be fully au fait with the various innovative initiatives that Murd has taken during this campaign and I’m sure there will be many out there in Gurnshire that will join us in congratulating him over the success of his campaign.
Update: a few comments below already but this one from Spelding hits the spot:

"I confess I had my own view that in the times of austerity in which we live, funding a ramp at Firhall Bridge would be difficult to justify. But Murd’s story has a resonance to the wonderful tale of Calum Macleod on the island of Rassay who embarassed the authorities and built his own road to help save the island from depopulation when successive governments and council’s turned their backs on the islanders. So lets take our collective hats off to Murd. The Gurn is right, he has ‘never yielded’ nor given an inch because he believed his cause was a just cause. I’ve sat at meetings where there have been groans of despair when Murd go on what many viewed as his own personal crusade. But like the regiment of which he is so proud, he has soldiered on and got his reward. Well done Murd"


Anonymous said...

Well done Murd.Got to hand it to you pal.

NH said...

It makes me wonder after all the hard work and effort and time Murd has put into getting a disabled ramp not once did he even get offerd even a small donation towards it from anybody local. . Well done Murd you deserve a medal for your determination and you stuck up for something in what you believed in and never gave up.

Anonymous said...

Yes well done Murd, you are an example to us all!

G & S said...

This has been a troubled bridge over the water

MURD said...


The best reward will be seeing all the Lesse fortunate being able to enjoy
what nature has to offer around the river side and what I and many others think is a great asset to Nairn.
It was in my opinion it had to be achieved and was well worth fighting for. Remember there is always some one less fortunate than you who needs a little help with what life has to offer.
Again thanks to all who helped to achieve what many will enjoy for years to come

Anonymous said...

It will save me getting off my bike!

growtosow said...

good news for nairn, and well done to MURD for his hard work to get it this far and to gordons sawmill in their offer of help. good luck and all the best with this very worth while cause.