Monday, March 18, 2013

Occasions no more (definitely) - Highland Council comment

We reported on Friday the possible closure of another shop on the High Street. Details and picture here.  This one is slightly different from other recent closures in that the building is owned by the Highland Council. Older Gurnites will remember the building as formerly being the Co-Op "Bun shop." It later became Highland Council property and in the late to mid eighties (correct this observer on the date if you wish) there was a large public campaign to keep the property as a shop. The local authority at the time was planning an extension to the Courthouse on the site. 

Back to the present however and a Highland Council spokesperson told the Gurn:
“The Council regrets that it has been necessary to enforce this decree for eviction. Action for recovery of possession is only taken as a last resort after tenants have had many opportunities over time to address their arrears and have failed to do so.”