Thursday, March 07, 2013

Project Officer – Get IT Together Nairn - Citizens on line 20.5K per annum

Do you understand this kind of stuff? If you do it could be for you.

·         Identify and promote relevant digital inclusion activities in the area, using case studies to highlight the social inclusion impact where applicable
·         Create a coherent approach to the roll out of new projects and activities focused on digital inclusion
·         Bring in added value by coordinating and promoting partner activities, such as the suite of products as part of BT’s Get IT Together
·          Promote and manage a volunteering scheme matching technically experienced volunteers to people seeking small amounts of specific IT training or support
·          Promote, integrate and realise benefits from wider national and UK digital inclusion agendas and activities
·         Capture best practice, case studies and lessons learned, promoting and sharing this locally and regionally.
·         Keep abreast of developments and trends around social inclusion/ digital inclusion policy and feeding this into the development of the programme where appropriate
·         Galvanise local partners to recognise and apply for local funding opportunities that may bring further digital resources to the area
Further job details here. 


Like said...

Sounds as though you have to help folk get more friends on Facebook

It would be great if a Nairn person was appointed

Anonymous said...

Well whoever wrote that obviously swallowed a dictionary.

Keep it simple with the same meaning..
I dunno....

Jane said...

Thanks for promoting the job.

It is all about encouraging people who are not online, or are unsure about technology, to have a go.

Securing the funding requires a diet of dictionaries, but doing the job is all about keeping it simple!

Fingers crossed we can find the perfect person.

Thanks again.

Graisg said...

Thank you Jane. Here at the Gurn we are aware of people across Nairn informally learning how to use PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones to meet their digital needs.
They seem to prefer to ask family, friends or neighbours for help before going to official classes. What makes you confident they would be willing to be matched up with strangers to learn new skills.?

Jane said...

Hi Graisg,

I am delighted to hear that family and friends are helping people get online, and part of what we do is support and encourage that by providing great training resources so that it is as easy as possible to show someone who has never done it before.

We also try to stay away from "official classes" as you described them, and have informal and fun sessions - with no tests or homework!

The new Project Officer will be encouraged to develop new and fun ways of encouraging people in Nairn to try digital technology, that appeals to local individuals and existing groups. All ideas are welcome, as we have a very flexible approach to our digital inclusion projects.