Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday morning miscellany - opening soon - Harleys Cocktail Bar and Grill - a Regal Transformation - Plus the Social Club becomes the The Playhouse

Two facebook pages out there in Gurnshire quickly gathering followers and positive comment are Harleys cocktail and grill and The Playhouse Nairn.   Regular readers will know that there has been an incredible amount of work going on in Church Street in the last few months and now the eyesore that is the Regal is about to be transformed too. Good luck to the entrepreneurs who are bringing these buildings back into circulation.

Elsewhere this weekend the Wee County had a successful fund raising event in the Royal British Legion, The Highland Hall there has had a makeover too and makes a magnificent venue, images of An Afternoon with Stan Boardman here. Coming up , anyone into the Real Ale scene might want to bookmark the Braeval's beer festival, there will be over 100 ales to try out. 

Also for the week ahead, Wednesday night is a big one again for the Wee County, they will be heading through to Banff for the rematch with Deveronvale. Another exciting ninety minutes in prospect here, there are still half a dozen contenders for the Highland League title and County and Vale are in there. Vale will be smarting from the 2-1 defeat at Station Park (pictures posted below) and Les's squad will be feeling at the top of their game after the stylish performance witnessed on Saturday. Hopefully the match will survive the weather, the local forecast looks bad for midweek and they will probably have similar along at Princess Royal Park, certainly still not time to try planting a couple of rows of early tatties.

Finally, worth a look at the information and pictures in the article on the Access Panel's recent Awareness Day. 


cheers said...

Love it! Folk can't afford to buy a pint in the bars we do have and someone has the bright idea to start selling cocktails in a building that looks as though it will cost many thousands to refurbish

Can only say best of luck, maybe the recession hasn't hit that part of town as yet?

make it a double! said...

Dont worry cheers !!!!! with all the refunds that The Gurn has dished out lately, both of the new drinking establishments will be packed to the rafters with plenty of drinks being bought all round, but it will be very interesting what clientele these new businesses will attract

Tom Cruise said...

There are many who don't bother to go out in Nairn because of the poor standard of hostelries available, quite a few younger ones prefer to go to Inverness and pay extortionate taxi fares. I hope both these new ventures work out well and improve the social scene in Nairn which is dead on its feet. The former Regal (Harleys to be) is in a fantastic position to solicit passing trade from the A96 and with plentiful parking nearby too. On a further note anyone know what's happening with the Bus Station of the church? work seems sporadic at best!

Red traffic light said...

Quite right Tom Cruise. I'd much rather be sat at a table in the refurbished Regal watching the A96 traffic go by than enjoying myself in the many fine establishments in Inverness.

Still, as you say it could be a good spot to solicit trade so I'll maybe give it a whirl and hitch my skirt up a little when I'm sat on the bar stool, supping a Sex on the Beach. Any takers?

Fassey Merguson said...

Yes please Red traffic, Im Yer Mannie for a wee bit oh Rumpy Pumpy doon at the beach, mind you hiv tae be affae careful where the sand goes, as friction can be a hellava sair thing, I just canna wait tae meet ye at The Regal sitting their looking awfae bonnie we yer skert up nearly roond yer bahoofee,Its fair gimme sumthing tae look forward tae, & plus it will save you the bother Quine of being scunnered we a trip tae How are You Doooooooeeeeeeen Land, & the awfull thought ye micht bump in tae that feel buggers who think the Toon o Nairn is part oh Smithton, which is utter Sharn. On behalf oh The Nairn Loons may I tak this opportunity tae wish yea Oh The Best Fair Midden, & for bringing a much needed bit oh excitment. Ps if I wiz ain oh yer regular clients wid I getta a bitty discount?