Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A tourism strategy for Nairn (from 2009 but still relevant?)

One our our regular readers has read the Gurn article "Nairn in 2020 - Brigadoon or a jewel in the Scottish Crown? - a document revisited" and sent us a copy of a lengthier tome that was also produced in 2009. Our correspondent tells us:  "As you'll see,  it's actually a serious consultancy study.  Here and there it shows its age (local development planning has moved on) but the paper is still valid."

When reading the document what is striking is how much tourism impacts across so many other aspects of life in Nairn and vice versa, it does get a bit technical at times however but there may be many serious students out there that may wish to browse the 26 pages. The reader who sent it to us mentioned a quote from the document and suggested that that quote does indeed still seem appropriate, if a little harsh, for  2013. 

"“[Nairn is] a seaside town with few seaside amenities, a tourist town with no tourist information centre, a historic town which neglects its heritage, and a town which wants to grow but can’t decide how to do so.”

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Anonymous said...

The fact that Nairn, a tourist destination for over a hundred years, still has no disabled access to the beach for those in wheelchairs or who have mobility issues, is an outrage! The reality is there is funding available to pay for this facility, but apparently no will on the part of the councillors to work with the local Access Forum to make this happen... or is there?