Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Bjorn again

According to the Facebook page "Find it in Nairn" Bjorn the Polar Bear will be back in town on Friday the 15th of November at the switching on of the Christmas lights.
Michael Green has also been quoted in a local weekly newspaper saying:

"I want it to be a night where the whole town gets involved and if anybody has any creative ideas then please get in touch with me."

Any Gurnites that made it up to the High Kirk for the appearance of Bjorn last year will testify that it was a night to be remembered. Indeed an opportunity exists to build on the success of last year's event and bring an even bigger buzz to the town centre this time round. A couple of pictures below and more here. 

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Humbug said...

Yay! the Gurn made it till October without mention of Christmas! Less than 3 months to go, start panicking people, spend, spend, spend