Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Suburban kids taking an active part in plans for Moss-side playpark.

Cllr Lorraine Mallinson told the Subbies CC meeting last week that they had so far received a return of 57 surveys from residents in the Community Council’s area via a box in the Co-op. A total of 420 surveys were distributed. The subbies are looking to take that total up to 80-100 to achieve nearly 25 % of the population before taking things forward with their funding consultant Alan Jones. She asked for folk to spread the word to get more of the surveys returned.

Lorraine stressed how the local youngsters are continuing to play an active part with the project and helped deliver the surveys. She went on to say who the children are also taking a proactive role in caring for the existing equipment, when kids from outwith the area starting damaging part of the playpark surface recently, local children informed Lorraine within minutes. She said:

”The kids really are taking on board what we have said, if they can respect the park that we have at the moment, they could possibly get more things added to it.”

Gurn articles from  June and July give more details of the initiative planned for the play area.

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