Saturday, October 26, 2013

Praise for Police Scotland from Auldearn crime victims

At the Auldearn CC meeting on Wednesday night the Chair, Roger Milton, thanked Sgt Graham Erskine for the police’s quick response and their subsequent profile in the village. Then two victims of the recent crimes who were also at the meeting spoke, one woman said:
“The police couldn’t have been more attentive, sympathetic and treated the family with a kind professional impact. That’s the general feeling in the village that the police have been prompt and helpful[…] Our experience was very positive.”

One of the committee members, then said: “I would second that as well, the help I had, they couldn’t have done enough. Between the police, CID and forensics they just did everything you could reasonably expect them to do.”

Sgt Erskine had given the CC a briefing similar to the one at the Westies meeting the previous evening in Nairn. Obviously his contact with the public had more resonance in the Auldearn area which has suffered the most in the recent spate of housebreakings. Sgt Erskine urged everyone to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the 101 number. It then emerged that some at the meeting didn’t understand the significance of the 101 number. 101 is for non-emergency calls to the police and you will be directed to a station that covers your area. Full details on this Police Scotland webpage – Need the Police? Dial 101 any time it isn’t 999. 

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