Monday, October 14, 2013

No objections to Playhouse 2.a.m licence bid on Fridays and Saturdays from River CC

Last Wednesday night the Playhouse application for a 2.a.m. licence was discussed in the URC hall by the watchdog organisation who are statutory consultees on such applications. This part of the meeting was opened by Mike Henderson who gave a little background to the application and then opened the subject up for discussion. First to comment was visiting Chair of the Westies, Rosemary Young:

”To answer your question “Does Nairn need a late night venue?” I think perhaps it does in the  summer, because we a certain amount of leakage with the golf groups going to Inverness, taking their money and spending it there. Is it a suitable place? I’m not really sure if anywhere is a suitable place, if you’ve got residents. I know I lived next door to a pub and I hated but if you take the premises, they have been well constructed. It is well run. It does employ people and I have a feeling that they will monitor perhaps better than other pubs in the town do and I think it would be good if the Highland Council did have a two o’ clock, I think three o’clock is ridiculously late and maybe one o’clock isn’t late enough. I don’t know, I’m not sure I wouldn’t want to go to a place myself for that. I certainly know there are people that do go to Inverness to seek out those sort of places. 

Tommy Hogg, chair of River CC agreed with Rosemary: “I think it’s the day and age now, I think Nairn rather needs it to keep the money in the town because the leakage…but if it is well controlled and monitored I don’t see any problem.”


Graisg said...

@ anon 10.08. Re policing after the pubs shut - I would suggest you take any issues you might have to the Inspector at Nairn Police station or to one or all of our four Highland Councillors who could investigate/make representations on your behalf perhaps.

Graisg said...

Thank you for the comment Jimmy but we have decided not to publish.