Saturday, October 26, 2013

Roger’s concern for the future of Cawdor: " it is being treated as though it has no consequence"

Roger Milton also spoke about the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan at Auldearn CC on Wednesday night. It was obvious he shared many of the concerns of Alistair Noble and then went on to say: “Auldearn is surprisingly unaffected by the local plan. The two areas that have previously been identified for housing, it’s still it that plan but still missing from that whole focus is really what the village needs.”

He then went on to outline his fears for Cawdor: “That’s what really upsets me when you see the way that Cawdor has been dealt quite a very worrying hand in this local plan. There is the process by which the document has got, some incredible, it’s more than 3, it’s 420 houses to be built in the Cawdor area in this next 12 year period. And it’s a gem of this area and yet  it is being treated as though it has no consequence. That is the scale of the threat – the threat there is to things that should be protected and it needs to be just completely looked at again. 

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Anonymous said...

As was said at the meeting, the one thing that is missing from planning today is common sense.

The HWLDP is now so out of date and out of touch with reality that no one, whether Council officer or Councillor, can expect it to be taken seriously.

It's a bit like the designers of the Titanic sticking by their 'unsinkable' claim, in spite of documentary evidence to the contrary.

It really does seem that, in planning terms at least, the lunatics really have taken over the asylum.

Unfortunately for us their positions afford them the luxury of being able to tell the general public that they are perfectly sane and know exactly what they are doing.....Mmmmmmmmmm, I'm not so sure...