Wednesday, October 09, 2013

South Nairn - Rosemary - "We did work together on this one and we had a bit of a result."

Also at the River CC meeting earlier tonight (Weds 9th) was the Westies Chair Rosemary Young. She said in relation to the South Nairn planning outcome:

"Mr Chairman before we move on could I just put it on record that it was a very good experience to work very closely with Tommy and also with Dick on that project and to turn what was described by our ex-Provost as a fait accompli - we overturned it and I think we should look to the future. Every time we find something that isn't suitable for us we should be moving together. We did work together on this one and we had a bit of a result. We might have to fight a bit harder but at the moment well done you!" 


Anonymous said...

The power of one collective voice ? food for thought ? One Community Council ? Discuss ?

Anonymous said...

Behave yourself anon.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how the ordinary folk of Nairn manage to overturn a decision that was dismissed as 'a fait accompli' by one of our own councillors

How many other council matters can we have a real voice in, or better still have councillors who really back Nairn?