Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sunday night miscellany

Today was more like a summer's day than the end of the first week of October . Splashes of annual colour still continue in gardens across town and there are many trees whose leaves are still not displaying even a tired look yet. The foliage that has turned looked splendid in the sun and, for the most part, could not be persuaded to part company from branches when the breeze got up a little bit. The week ahead doesn't seem to promise any serious shift into colder temperatures yet but perhaps our luck will run out by the middle of the month, it was on the 15th October last year that snow was visible on Ben Wyvis. 

There is a new facebook page to add to the stable of Nairn related sites on the social network, "Nairn when you were a bairn"  has picked up a steady stream of memories, comments and now images since its creation yesterday. The places of Nairn Youtube quiz prize has been won today but perhaps you can still have a go and see if you can identify the ten places shown in the video?  

Looking forward to next week and Wednesday night sees the regular meeting of Nairn River Community Council. They will be in the URC hall from 7.30 p.m. onwards and discussing the Nairn South Development, Lochloy Development Grass Maintenance and the proposed new parking restriction and whatever else that might have cropped up between the ad going in the Nairnshire and the meeting itself. 


slap head said...

'Today was more like a summer's day than the end of the first week of .'

Is this another competition, spot the missing word or words?

I reckon the answer is 'Today was more like a summer's day than the end of the first week of the rest of my life'

What's the prize?

Graisg said...

Your prize is year's free subscription slap head.

Malky said...

If you go to the meeting on Tuesday night Graisg i can guarantee there will be nobody there apart from yourself. Cmon Graisg get your dates right. Sounds like your loosing your marbles or maybe you have been drinking the home made allotment wine again.

Graisg said...

Thank you Malky, yet another change to this article that falls well below the usual standard.