Thursday, October 10, 2013

Draft traffic order for Nairn – practical difficulties for River CC in responding - call for public meeting

Last night (Weds 9th October) the River Community Council, chaired by Tommy Hogg, had an item on the agenda “Proposed new parking restrictions”. Tommy held a rather large document in his hands and said:

“This is the document here and basically I honestly thought when I saw the original documents it basically took in our own area River and the High Street etc, but having gone through it I notice that there’s also bits within your area,” Tommy turned towards Rosemary (West CC)  who was sitting on the public benches and then continued: “and Suburban so it’s not only the River problem. When you read through some of the suggestions, what they’re hoping to do, it’s quite a bit of documentation with maps etc. To be honest I agree with some of the things but again there’s some of the things I don’t agree with.”

Tommy had only obtained the document earlier on Wednesday, prompted to investigate by the notices that have appeared in many parts of the town centre on the poles that support road signs. Simon Noble then said that it sounded like people needed to see the detail and what affected their particular street. He asked Tommy how they would proceed. Tommy Replied:

“I think we should actually call a public meeting Simon,” Tommy replied.  The meeting then discussed the difficulties the community council had had obtaining a copy of the document from the Highland Council. Tommy said: “up until this morning it hadn’t been available.” As the debate continued he added: “one copy between 10,000 people.”

Stephanie Whittaker then said: “We have lots of consultations that are thrown at us, sometimes we don’t have the expertise to actually be consulted about them because it is specialised. We don’t get the things until it’s quite late and we can’t show the general public. If I were the Highland Council I think I would put these maps up to very large and have them on display somewhere so people could see them, it seems practical to me. The Council website is almost inaccessible; when you try to get things it’s really hard to get them.”

Tommy then reiterated his desire for a public meeting for the whole town: “You see a lot of people are just not on line, a lot of older people are not on line. This is what they don’t seem to grasp.”

Liz reacted quickly after hearing the concerns last night she told the Gurn early this morning (Tues 10th) that  she had made the point to TECs that paper copies are required or misunderstandings occur. She also stated that she had pointed out that any alterations or additions to existing regulations should have been flagged up so community could understand what changes are intended. Liz also sent the Gurn a digital copy of the traffic document which we have placed on line here.

Also thanks to the efforts of River CC’s Stephanie Whittaker the Community now has a little extra time to respond to the proposals in the document. The area Roads and Community Works manager responded to her and said:

You have explained that, given the importance of these proposals, the three Community Councils in Nairn wish to have a joint meeting to discuss their comments, and indeed any objections, to the proposals.  I understand the earliest practical date for the meeting is the 16th October; too late for the published consultation period.

We want to get this right and community input is very important so I am happy to accept comments and objections to the making of the order from any or all of the three Nairn Community Councils in writing to the address below, or by email to me, at any time up to and including Tuesday 22nd October. Objections should state the name and address of the objector, the matters to which they relate and the grounds on which they are made.”

If any Gurnites out there have any thoughts on the draft Traffic Order they can see a copy here. Click the read more tab to see the address to write to:

 Area Roads and Community Works Manager
Inverness, Nairn and Badenoch and Strathspey
Transport, Environmental and Community Services
The Highland Council
Diriebught Depot
94 Diriebught Road



Anonymous said...

What is there to worry about? Everyone in Nairn parks on yellow lines without a care in the world. The lines were put there for safety and traffic management and are have been ignored for years, like dog crap nobody is ever given a fixed fine. This is costing thousands of pounds at the Highland council and now the CC's are in on the act it will go on & on costing more money. Just remove all the parking restrictions and we can carry on as normal.

Anonymous said...

Yet another plan that should have been drawn up by the people of Nairn, not Inverness.

Now we'll waste time and money whilst it's debated, redrawn, resubmitted.

This is a glaring example of our centralised council at it's worst, and it's our money it's spending.

Off with their heads next election!

Anonymous said...

Take out an an r and you have it right - daft traffic order. As has been said Inverness strikes again

D.Ross said...

I wonder how much Highland Council are going to charge those people who will now require a permit to park near their home or business, as stated in this traffic order?

H.C. really doesn't like Nairn Businesses as the blanket 8am to 6pm EVERY day no waiting (other than designated bays) will affect delivery lorries, couriers, customers etc.

Also look at the maps which show that this order extents way down Harbour St., all around Millbank, and the Havelock, most of the side streets off the High St., etc.etc.!

Am I mssing something said...

er, correct me if I'm wrong, but what's actually different to what's there at the moment? Are there massive changes? Maybe I can't see them because of the massive crick I have in my neck trying to see the plans.

Lovely Rita said...


It seems that the only street where there will be an arrangement for Council-issued permits for local residents/businesses is Acre Street.

In most other locations the new draft order seems to be re-stating the parking rules more or less as they currently exist.