Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Nairn in 2020 - Brigadoon or a jewel in the Scottish Crown?" - a document revisited

Iain Fairweather has been reading some of the articles posted in the Gurn that detail last week's meeting of all  8 Nairnshire Community Councils. He told the Gurn:

"Firstly, many thanks for the updates on recent meetings. It's really encouraging to see growing agreement on the issues. Your recent post triggered thoughts of my Brigadoon paper. Interesting to go back and read that almost 5 years on - and worrying that little has improved - and actually got a whole lot worse."  

Iain then went on to make a small quote from his Brigadoon document:

"It was recognised that key to any new development within Nairn would be a commitment to upgrading the appearance of the High St. The Council was urged to engage with Nairn businesses, developers and property owners to deliver a joined-up vision for the town. No longer should property owners sit on their hands while buildings crumbled; no longer should developers set the agenda for change. The expectation was that a new memorandum of understanding would ensure that all stakeholders worked together for the good of the town. Planners would no longer be besieged by developers; developers knew what they had to do within the strategic plan to have the proposals speeded through the planning process. Every developer knew they had to contribute to improving the public realm. Businesses gained new confidence as they began to feel they had a future and sought the investment they needed to expand."

"Why does it all take so long?" He asked the Gurn. Read Iain's Nairn in 2020 - Brigadoon or a jewel in the Scottish Crown? document, first published in 2009, here. 

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