Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fresh fish for sale Thursdays 11.00 - 2.00 Nairn town centre

One of our regular unreliable sources informed us that there was some tasty fish for sale outside the old social work buildings. The mannie had been at the Street Market in the summer and had sold out, he told the Gurn that he'd been wanting to come back to Nairn on a regular basis for some time and now has another van which enables him to do that. There's a website here too. 


Anonymous said...

The same van was selling fish outside the Basil cafe last week, looks like it could be a regular thing.

cod father said...

Sounds fishy to me, never in the same plaice. Guy has a dodgy mullet and always flounders

Monger said...

No trout about it thats the right plaice to be,the guy is a little deaf & hard of herring but is a very pleasant sole with a large bream on his face & dresses in 70s style with his kipper tie & cherry salmon jacket, he informed me that he has never haddock so good in Nairn & hopes to have regular perch,& is a keen SNP supporter & fond of Nichola Sturgeon, sorry to carp on. FIN.