Monday, December 09, 2013

Christmas on the other side of the Riverside Walks

Murd reports that he had a couple of bits of tinsel left from when he and Jock decorated the tree on the other side of the river, so he put them on a holy tree below Whinnieknowe. Other river walkers have started to decorate that tree too. Murd told the Gurn that it gave the opportunity to those that were unable to use the Firhall bridge, to have the full round the river experience, the chance to see a bit of the riverside Christmas spirit too. 
The manhunt for the Santa that disappeared from the other tree goes on says Murd with help from the 2,000 plus members of the Nairn when you were a Bairn Facebook group. That site has been branching out too and discussing the lack of decorations on the Christmas trees in the town centre; Liz has entered that debate now and quite lively it is too - more here on Nairn when you were a Bairn (you will need to join the group if you haven't already to participate). 

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