Friday, December 20, 2013

NICE news on Nairn town centre - they will be taking to the streets to find out your views early in 2014

NICE are happy to be nominated as partners in the forthcoming Highland Council Nairn town centre charrette that secured funding this week from the Scottish Government - info here. The organisation state on their website this morning:

"NICE believes that the time has come to tackle head-on some of the big issues facing the town centre. We believe it is important to gather local views and consult with the community and business groups to identify their aspirations for the services and facilities that a regenerated Town Centre should deliver. "


Hey ho said...

Haven't we heard all this before? More talking shops, and that's all they do - talk.

Anonymous said...

NICE to know they are going to "do" something. I'd prefer to see them acheive one of their aims rather than keep adding to the list and acheiving nought!

Anonymous said...

Until rates a reduced for nairn shops there will be no new must be very difficult to make ends meet unless your shop is busy all the time.
When I was young,I worked in a couple of shops, the first job in the morning was clean up the front door and pavement outside the shop. Some do nowadays but the high street is really dirty looking, if they don't clean up the pigeon mess in certain spots soon, we ll have to walk on the road, its disgusting.

Anonymous said...

It is more to do with the Rents than the Rates methinks. The Scottish Government has had a Small Business Bonus Scheme (SBBS) in place for several years.
From April 1 2013 tens of thousands of small businesses will continue to pay no rates at all under the Scottish Government's small business bonus scheme.
So your question(s) should be - "How expensive are the rents? And who are Nairn's High Street landlords?"