Monday, December 23, 2013

"What on earth has happened to the war memorial?" asks Gurn reader

"What on earth has happened to the war memorial?" Asked one of our regular readers yesterday. Our correspondent is concerned that recent restoration material is either falling out or has been removed. The image below shows what is concerning our reader.

Gurnites will remember that the material used in the restoration earlier this year aroused strong feelings and was labelled in a local weekly newspaper as "legalised vandalism" by former Navyman Iain MacGillvary who, along with his Royal British Legion colleagues, had campaigned for years for the memorial to be repaired.
Retired builder and chair of River Community Council, Tommy Hogg, also severely criticised the £4,700 makeover.
Is it a makeover for the makeover? Anyone who has further information please contact

Update 26/12  Another of our readers reports seeing someone in a high-vis jacket who appeared to be scraping the material out around a fortnight ago.