Thursday, December 26, 2013

On the way back to summer on Nairn beach

Weather wise, Boxing Day was kind, after the winds and the rain came a calm sunny day that brought lots of locals and visitors to Nairn’s beaches. The daylight slowly exchanged itself for twilight and then darkness, extending the day in an uplifting way after several days recently when it never really got very light. Enticed in by the sunshire, numbers on the beach approached summer levels. More pictures here on the Gurn flickr pages. 

Also on flickr recently some interesting image manipulation from Jack t’ Lad. An Edwardian selfie taken a long time ago in the Corsee area of Nairn. One wonders what that young man would have made of seeing his image displayed to the world 24/7 by the technology of today. The construction workers made good progress on the new flats at the bus station before they broke off for Christmas – here are a few other images of the bus station area, some more recent than others. The young swans flew over the Fishertown by themselves this evening, outlined against the sunset – will they soon be leaving the sanctuary of the river and the free handouts of grain and breadcrumbs from bird lovers? 

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