Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Laurie on the bypass "I have serious concerns about the loss of farmland "

The N,B&S (Nairn, Badenoch and Strathsepy) area committee discussed the proposed dualling of the A9 and A96 on Tuesday morning down in Kinguissie

Liz said: “This is an item I asked to come on so we could highlight the consultation of the routes and the dualling of the A9 an A96 and I would like to include a further recommendation and that would be that Nairn and Badenoch and Strathspey area committee agrees to respond to Transport Scotland’s consultation, welcoming the consultation and support the substantial infrastructure improvements to be delivered by dualling both the A9 and the A96 and that we hope for quick delivery of the project in our area.”
Her colleagues agreed with that and then she asked for any other comments. Cllr Lobban had some concerns about how close the cycle track would be to the dualled A9 and also about a 2+1 section reverting to single carriageway when a part of the road would be dualled..

Liz said: “If you could send me these concerns we could include them in the representation we’ve just decided to make and I would be happy to hear from any members that wanted to put issues into our representation to this.”

Laurie then spoke: “Can I ask how we are going through this representation because I have serious concerns about the loss of farmland in Nairn because it’s going so wide from the town, or one of the proposals is so wide and I think we need a show a wee bit of leadership here for the communities and certainly those farms that are affected by this. Have we got certain times, dates or meetings?”

“Thank you Councillor Fraser,” continued Liz. “I was proposing that we did not favour any of the routes that go round the bypass for Nairn, that we just welcome the infrastructure improvement and the reason for that is that this council has always been supportive of a bypass for Nairn and I think that some of the options; I think it is up to the communities and the people that it impacts directly on to make that representations. It’s up until the end of January they have to come forward with their concerns. I do think, I would be happy to hear from members, issues like Councillor Lobban raised but I think we need to make a very positive response to the infrastructure improvements that are coming to our area.”   See it all on video here.


Anonymous said...

“Can I ask how we are going through this representation because I have serious concerns about the loss of farmland"

I don't hear similar concerns voiced at such meetings when huge tracts of farmland are potentially going to be turned into housing?

We currently have pending an appeal for the developments south of Nairn, and are also awaiting on a decision on the likes of land on the Lochloy Rd. Potentially between the two of them we could see nearly 500 houses built on what is now farmland

Okay if farmland is used for housing but not for a bypass then?

Passer-by said...

Spot on, Anonymous@7.53pm "....I don't hear similar concerns voiced at such meetings when huge tracts of farmland are potentially going to be turned into housing?" .

But since when did you expect logic, consistency or common-sense from our elected representatives?

Anonymous said...

Concerns at the loss of farmland but evidently doesn't seemed bothered about the potential impact on people..and schools, and graveyards..

Look carefully at route 2B/2F, as it passes through Auldearn, on the existing bypass line.

Compare the new, wider road line and proposed earthworks carefully to the aerial shots on Google maps.

nimby said...

If Laurie doesn't think that the bypass should run through farmland perhaps he'd be so kind to let us all see his route that would presumably negate this?

pie in the sky said...

Maybe Laurie has a vision of the Nairn bypass being supported on pillars like the M8 through Glasgow?

Anonymous said...

Look at the plans much of the bypass could go through woodland not farmland and next to homes but most of you in town dont see that wat about a bypass at the bottom of your garden

Anonymous said...

Bypass isn't going to go very far if it's limited to woodland, and I don't many folk would want it going through their houses are gardens. Is it best we scrap the idea now before everyone becomes a NIMBY?

Nimbys r us said...

Let's just spend the next 20 years arguing over the best route shall we?

mere cat said...

There is one very obvious lesson to be learned from the latest comments in the bypass debate.

There is a natural "NIMBY" reaction when a new road (or rail or runway!) is planned which goes through, or close to, existing houses. In the case of centuries-old farmhouses, there is sometimes no alternative.

But when planning new developments, or town-expansion, there is an obvious solution. Build the infrastructure first, before adding houses.


Anonymous said...

Get the bypass agreed as quickly as possible, planned and built. Sorry, but the needs of the majority outway the needs of a few. Nairn, the area and indeed the Highlands needs this bypass to go ahead.