Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Nairnshire Joint CC proposals - a workable blueprint for more democracy in Nairn?

In November the Nairnshire Community Councils (including Croy CC) wrote to Highland Council’s Chief Executive, Steve Barron, with a proposal for a new way of doing things in Nairnshire. They also sent a copy of their proposal to the four local councillors, our MSPs and Danny Alexander. 

The proposal outlined 6 priorities for the area and a framework for more local input and scrutiny over how we are governed by the Highland Council. They also asked for the provision of project managers to take forward their “exciting plans”.  The Gurn has received a copy of the proposal and serious students of these matters may wish to read the document here and decide for themselves whether these ideas have merit. It will be interesting to see if our four local councillors, particularly Liz and Colin who are members of the Glenurquhart Road ruling administration will back these proposals coming from the democratically elected grass roots CC organisations that represent Nairnshire. 

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Anonymous said...

Fully agree with the document. I know this has been said before but I'm still concerned that Cllr Liz MacDonald is unable to represent Nairn for some planning issues due to her own possible development of 90 houses off Lochloy Road
This to my mind makes a serious dent in Nairn councillors having their/our say in planning matters, we need as many voices as we can muster. Planning is arguably the most important issue for many of us, and future generations who will have to live with what we agree