Monday, December 23, 2013

South Nairn planning appeal to be determined by site visit

The Scottish Governement's DPEA (Department of Planning and Environmental Appeals) case officer for the South Nairn application has written in an e-mail: 

"Given the timing of notice from the council and the holiday period, the deadline for submission of representations will be 8 January 2014. Anything received after this date will only be accepted at the reporters discretion. The appeal is scheduled to be determined by site inspection, unless the reporter decides at a later stage that further submission or a hearing is required, which will put back the target date. "

The DEPA target date for this application is the 21st of February. You can see further content from that e-mail and all other documents connected with the appeal on the DPEA site. In the list of documents is also a claim for an award of expenses from the consortium developers against Highland Council. To access the appeal documents go to this page and click on the "simple search" tab, copy and paste PPA-270-2097 into the box and that should take you to the documents.