Monday, December 09, 2013

Community Council meetings on Weds 11th and Thurs 12th December – an important week for having your say!

There are three Community Council meetings this week, two in the town and one in Auldearn, where current controversial issues will be debated – a chance for you to add your say to the mix and/or find out details of what you can do to further influence things. 

There are two meetings on Wednesday night (11th Dec), one in the town and one in Auldearn. River Community Council will be holding their usual monthly meeting in the URC hall at 7.30 p.m. Their agenda includes the Nairn South Development, A96 Dualling/Bypass options and the Nairn Traffic Management systems. The Gurn understands that at sometime during the last week the town’s three community councils met with Charles Allenby’s agents to discuss matters concerning his proposed development at Nairn South – the substance of that meeting will no doubt be revealed on Wednesday. 

Out at Auldearn on Wednesday night too (11th Dec) in the Lethen Road hall, the village’s Community Council will discuss the A96 Bypass dualling plans and bill their meeting as: 

“Informal information meeting with detailed plans of all routes on show. Come and view the proposals and the consequences for the locality.” 

The plans are on display from 6.30 p.m. and an informal round table discussion begins at 7.30 p.m. Gurnites that have seen the maps of the various routes will know that they all have considerable consequences for the areas around the village. 

On Thursday Night (12th Dec)  the Westies (Nairn West CC) meet in the Community Centre at 7.30 p.m. and they have a very full agenda. Here it is:

  1.   Apologies for Absence  
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3.   Matters Arising 
  4.   Correspondence
  5.   Treasurer’s Report
  6. Police Report
  7.   Presentation on Windfarms (Cairn Duhie) by Dick Ruane
  8.  Inner Moray Firth Development Plan 
  9.   By-pass and Dualling of A96 
 10.  Community Empowerment Consultation
 11.  Nairn South
 12. Town Centre
 13. Common Good
 14. Planning Applications
 15.  Any Other Business
 16.  Date and time of next meeting

A considerable amount of business then for the Westies to get through. Next week will see discussion at the three different meetings on topics that have stimulated quite a lot of comment on the Gurn. This week sees your chance to take your views to these public meetings. 


Anonymous said...

According to the note put through my door the Auldearn meeting is Thursday the12th?

Graisg said...

ad in the Nairnshire says the 11th

Anonymous said...

I also had a note through the door saying Thu 12th. Hopefully that's not an attempt to sabotage the meeting!! Can someone from the CC confirm which date it is?

Graisg said...

Definitely the 11th according to none other than Community Councillor David Brownless.

Graisg said...

Re the Auldearn 11th or 12th situation, the Gurn now understands that in addition to the CC meeting on Weds 11ththere is also a meeting on the 12th, Thursday night, called by some individuals particularly affected by the southern routes.