Sunday, December 22, 2013

County Solstice Spree - Lossie 0 Nairn 5 - Pictures Donald Matheson and Kenny MacLeod

The shortest day was determined to live up to its reputation yesterday. Even as County fans boarded their various transport to head for Lossie the skies were already dark above the line of the A96 from Nairnshire into Moray. Ominous clouds were edging over from the northern side of the Firth and the chill wind was biting. A fleet of buses loaded with Aberdeen fans passed in the opposite direction; they were headed for what turned out to be considerable festive cheer at the Caley stadium. The grassroots supporters going the other way had an equally important if less glamorous mission  - the highs and lows can be just as intense whatever the level though and County days out can be tremendous fun even with the odd bad result thrown into the mix. 

Once in the environs of Lossiemouth it was the choice of the Social Club or Christmas Shopping. There seemed to have been one or two closures of shops and licensed premises in the town since this observer’s last visit but the newer, upmarket retail outlets along by the harbour seemed to be bright and busy with quite a few customers in the café at the end of the restored row. 

Once again, the Lossiemouth FC social club made the visiting fans welcome and there was some football on the large screen to entertain as the County Christmas cheer and expectation built up. 
It isn’t far too the ground from the social club and before long a hundred or so County fans were inside braving the elements. Seasoned Lossie supporters had their perches sheltered from the prevailing wind up against the corrugated iron on the western side of the park. It was to be the more exposed enclosure for the majority of the County fans and there they made themselves heard. County ate all the pies long before half time, perhaps Lossie hadn’t anticipated such a large visiting support. Everywhere we go these days we must certainly input a few shillings into the home side’s coffers, both behind the bar and over the turnstiles.

And so to the football. After Connor’s first it would be a long wait before his number two. A disallowed goal by Robbie intervened in a stunning display of magical Connor chances that just wouldn’t go in. It was to be the second half, despite a good Lossie start, before the avalanche came and Connor was to get four out of the County five taking him up past his Christmas wish of thirty. A match report here on the Highland Football League hub site. 

Great scenes as County fans waited to applaud their heroes off the park next to the exit at the changing rooms near the right hand corner on the northern side of the park. The Christmas Joy was aided by the news that both Brora and Wick had lost. There’s a lot to do and a long way to go but things certainly got a serious solstice boost yesterday. County now look forward to back to back fixtures against Forres over the holiday period. Pictures from Donald below.

Individual images here.   And Kenny MacLeod's images below.

Individual images here. 

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